About us

Our Story:  We have always been dog lovers.  We have always found it important to adopt vs. shop.  There are just too many animals that are left behind that need homes. 

In 2013, we were following a story on-line about a dog that was found, scared in the rain, at a gas station in South Georgia.  A fabulous dog rescuer picked him up and took him home.  She named him Moo because of his distinct black and white spots.  She cared for him until she was able to get him into the Atlanta Humane Society system.  The day that he was viewable by the public, Ed convinced me to go see him. We really enjoyed our visit but knew it was important for our young daughter to meet him before we could bring him into the family.  The next day, Ed picked her up from school and went to meet Moo.  They called me at work and asked “Can we please bring him home?”…and the rest was history.  Six months later (because we are crazy) we added Fergie to our family, from Bullseye Rescue.  Why should you have just one?!


As a side note, if you would have asked me years ago if we would own pit bulls or pit mixes, I would have said, “no way!”  Both Moo and Fergie are pit mixes and we can say first hand that they are the most misunderstood breed.  We love them!

Our Business:  Every Christmas, even before we had dogs, we would bake homemade dog treats for all the furry friends in our life. Now that we have Moo and Fergie, we started baking our own treats a little more often. It’s important for our family to eat healthy, including our dogs!  Moo’s Munchies was born. 

Moo’s Munchies are made with all natural human grade ingredients. They are also:

  • high protien
  • gluten free
  • wheat, corn, soy free
  • no artificial preservatives
  • no chemicals
  • No artificial flavors

We are a family-run business.  Ed, Meredith and Gracie.  All hands on deck!  Our munchies are Moo (and Fergie) approved and made with lots of love.  Always.

(Ed, Gracie, and Meredith)

We are excited to bake munchies and as we grow be in a position to give back to non-profit dog rescues that work so hard to care for these pups.

 Moo’s Munchies….Treat your Pets!