Welcome to Moo's Munchies


 Welcome to Moo's Munchies little piece of the internet!  We are very excited to start our adventure of pet treat pawsomeness.

 So why did we start Moo's Munchies?  Well, as with many families today, we made the choice to start eating better.  To start consuming more natural foods and try to eliminate highly processed foods.  This meant carefully reading packaging labels and doing our own food research.  

Our pets are part of our family too, so we started to look at the ingredients of the common store bought pet treats we already had at home.  We were surprised at how many of the ingredients were fillers, artificial, and/or preservatives.  We wouldn't want to consume any of those 'ingredients', so why should our pets?  We knew there had to be a better, heathier treat for our pets.  While there are healthier treats available, we couldn't find the right balance of ingredients, texture, and flavor we wanted for our furry family members.  So we researched and came up with our own yummy recipes.  Through trial and error we finally got the right formulas in place and our flavors have been pet tested and approved.

We can't wait to bring our all natural, healthy treats to your furry family members as well!  

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