Thanksgiving Food Hazards for your Pets

It is that time of year again.  Time to gather family and celebrate Thanksgiving, and this includes our furry family members.

As we put ourselves into food comas, we need to keep an eye out for what may slide off the dinner table and down to our pets.

  1. Bones: Bones from turkeys or hams can splinter causing choking and intestinal obstructions. 
  2. Fat (not phat): Fats from turkey skin or gravy have a ton of calories that we don't need to expose our pets too.  These fats can also cause pancreatitis.
  3. Raisins, Currants, Grapes: Bad, I repeat are bad for dogs and can cause acute renal failure. Just say no to fruitcake.
  4. Desserts: Again contain loads of calories our pets don't need.  They also may contain Xylitol as a sweetener which can be very poisonous to animals.
  5. Alcohol: If Uncle Gus has not consumed all the alcohol in sight - let's not give any (alcohol / desserts with alcohol) to our pets. Again, unneeded calories and may cause seizures in your pets.

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